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Meet The Team: Welcome


Hi, I'm Jessie Loga! I started wedding planning because I love seeing people in their happiest times. Weddings can bring so much joy, so don't forget to make it about what is truly important to you. Jared and I have been married since June 2016 and we have one amazing son named Jackson. When I'm not in the office or at an event, I love to spend time with family, binge watch all my favorite TV shows, travel and go shopping. My favorite part of a wedding is getting to see all the months of hard work and planning come to life. I love to be able to get the bride just a moment before all the excitment, to just take it all in and look around and see her vision finally be right there in front of her. When it comes to planning a wedding, remember to just take a deep breath, you got this! 



Hello, I'm Jared Loga. I joined my wife, Jessie, in the business in 2020. Coming from a construction background, my creativity and eye for detail is just what you need on your wedding day. Also, I am an ABC licensed and insured bartender, so you'll often find me behind the bar at many events serving up delicious drinks. When I'm not at an event, you can find me out disc golfing or working on my yoga certification. My hobbies include all things cars, cooking, making cocktails, and spending time with my wife and my son Jackson. I look forward to making your big day a success! 



Hi! I'm Emily Greene. I'm passionate about the things I love, specifically planning and organizing. When it comes to weddings, I love helping people on the best day of their life. It's such a privilege to be part of someone's big day! I married my husband in October 2022 and moved to Chattanooga from the Knoxville area. In my free time, I love to read books or visit local thrift stores. I spend most of my time going on long walks, hanging out with my husband (and pets) and spending time with my friends. 



Hello! My name is Gaby Zaragoza. Jessie and her team fully planned mine and my husband’s wedding in November 2022 and I found that I really loved the planning process of crafting a vision, curating all the tiny moments and details, and the excitement of and leading up to the big day! And so I wanted to join in and help other brides and couples through it all so they can enjoy their wedding day.  In my free time, my husband and I love to spend time with our friends, and families, traveling, trying new restaurants, and going to concerts. 



Hi! I'm Morgan Parham. I'm passionate about community development and building relationships. I find so much joy in using those passions to organize events and meaningful experiences to bring everyone together. For me, weddings are so much fun because everyone gets to gather, make memories and celebrate something so special! I love that I get to use my skills to help create long lasting and beautiful moments during one of the most important days of your life. I moved here from Wichita, Kansas in 2020 to attend school at Lee University and fell in love with the area. I love thrifting, spending time with all my animals, camping, and trying new foods. I am so honored to be able to be apart of your special day!



Hey! My name is Kyla Downs. I’m a May 2024 bride who has had so much fun planning my own wedding that I wanted to start helping others do the same thing! I have always loved planning, seeing a vision come from your brain to fully actualized, and I can’t wait to help you do that for one of the most exciting days in your life! I’m working on finishing my degree from UTC (I graduate in May!) but in my free time I love traveling with my fiancé, playing the piano, diamond dotting, and hanging with my friends! I can’t wait to meet you and get to work on your big day! 



Hello! My name is Sarah Hendricksen. I believe each wedding is as unique as the couple. I love seeing the various themes and traditions people choose to represent their love stories. I am happy to serve you as you celebrate this wonderful life event. My husband and I were married in 2020, and I am grateful to have him as my life partner. In my spare time, you I can find me lounging in my hammock and bird watching around our beautiful state parks. I also enjoy camping and off-roading in my TJ Wrangler. Mental health awareness is also one of my passions. I fill my life with moments of joy. There are few joys in life that compare to or supersede one’s wedding. As such, it is important to have those you trust by your side helping you every step of the way. I am honored to serve with a team equipped to handle your life event with the utmost care and precision.



Hey, I'm Patrick Hendricksen. I join my friends on weekends helping make magical moments come to life. Coming from a photography background, my creativity and eye for detail is just what you need on your wedding day. Along with helping decorate and make transitions easy and quick I am always there for my friends and family to lend a helping hand. When I'm not at an event, you can find me out disc golfing to clear my mind and enjoy some fresh air. Most people will say that I’m loyal to a fault, I don’t see it as a weakness I see it as a strength. I started working with Loga weddings after I finished my chemo treatments and officially became cancer free! I look forward to making your big day a success and make the memories that you’ll remember for a life time.

Meet The Team: Work
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